Our Simulated Altitude Systems Are Working Wonders Worldwide

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Fitness and Performance


Altitude International, Inc. is poised to become the leading provider of advanced athletic training and fitness facilities in the world. We have recently secured an exclusive Technology License from Sporting Edge UK, the pioneer of room-based altitude and extreme environmental technology, that will allow us to actualize the vast potential created by the many newly discovered benefits associated with altitude exposure. The License includes the specialized training protocols that Sporting Edge has developed that have proven to greatly improve an athlete’s endurance, strength, and recovery time, as well as the use of all Sporting Edge patents and trademarks.
We have also recently signed an exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement with Woodway, Inc. (woodway.com), the worldwide dominant force in cardio-athletic training equipment, whose treadmills are currently being utilized by every NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL team in the USA, along with every major college and university.
Together, we are perfectly positioned to dominate the five distinct market sectors that simulated altitude has been scientifically proven to benefit; Professional and College Sports, Equine Performance, University & Sport Science Facilities including academic applications, Health & Fitness Clubs with an emphasis on accelerated weight loss, and emerging Medical and Physiological applications