Advanced Fitness and Performance Systems

For many years athletes have significantly increased their endurance and recovery capacity by training at high altitudes. The body’s innate ability to increase red blood cell production in low oxygen environments is the physiological force behind the dramatic performance improvements achieved by well-structured altitude training. Altitude International’s (“ALTI”) strategic partner, Sporting Edge UK (“SPORT”), is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of technology that can simulate high altitude environments anywhere on earth.
SPORT’s breakthrough room-based systems and sport-specific protocols have taken altitude training well beyond just improving endurance, giving ALTI the ability to deliver a wide range of measurable gains in strength, recovery time, and overall fitness to its rapidly growing list of room-based clients. SPORT’s team of world-class engineers and sports scientists have recently developed unique protocols aimed at multi-directional sports where repeat sprint ability, explosive bursts, and peak fitness are key factors. SPORT has also extended its system design to include full climate control capabilities for both temperature and humidity. This capacity has proven extremely beneficial for outdoor team sports, allowing teams to practice and train in environments that can be polar opposites of their natural setting.